Tree Surgery

Here at S&L Tree Services we are able to establish the best course of action for any tree surgery. It can be very dangerous so it is important you use a qualified, professional tree surgeon like ourselves, we use a safe method at all times whilst working with our clients trees.


Pruning is the removal of living or dead parts of the tree to maintain tree health and safety. Each tree is considered in relation to shape, size and condition. All our operations will be completed leaving each tree in a well balanced condition. Our Tree Pruning service are finished to the highest standard possible, ensuring you get the perfect finishing result.


Tree Felling, Tree Dismantling is the removal of trees to ground level. No matter how large the tree or how difficult the conditions are, we will make sure that your tree is felled to the highest standard possible. Most trees need to be dismantled when felling for a variety of reasons, such as the dying off of the trees or structural purposes which can affect a property or public. The tree will be dismantled in a small and safest manner possible, usually involving harnesses and ropes.


Tree Stumps can be extremely difficult to remove. S&L Tree Services have the right stump grinding equipment specifically to remove the stumps of your tree in a safely manor.